News On Request in new joint venture

Posted in Featured on Jan 21, 2016

The team on location in Sulitjelma: (from left to right) Khalid Maimouni, producer, Storyline; Arlid Karlsen, managing director, Storyline; Trond Eliassen, chairman, News On Request; Gisle Tveito, producer, Storyline; Tom Vidar Karlsen, producer, News On Request.

On the 21st of january 2016, News On Request and Storyline, Norway´s largest production house and supplier of film equipment, announced their decision to partner as equal owners of a newly funded production company, deliberately named Storyline NOR. This venture was created for the development and production of commercial films with a focus on the northern regions of Norway.

Supporting Northern voices

The goal with Storyline NOR is not only to tell stories from the northern territories, but also to support talent within the film industry in the North.

We want to create more projects in the North, and I dare to say that the time has come to establish more film expertise in this region.

  • Trond Eliassen, News On Request

The Mark of a Slave

The new venture was also born from a shared passion in visualizing the story of the miners of Sulitjelma. News On Request has been working to realize this film-project for over six years, and Storyline NOR has taken up the torch to further this vision.

The film will be called Slavemerket (The Mark of a Slave), and the plot takes place in Sulitjelma in northern Norway in 1907, where around 1000 workers gathered to revolt against their mining company, Sulitjelma Gruber, on the ice-covered lake of Langvannet. This event became famous in Norwegian history as the birth of the Scandinavian democratic movement. The script is written by current Bodø Nu-appointed Rune Nilsen. The production aims to begin filming in 2017.

Storyline NOR will have its own websites up and running in the near future.

Find our partner, Storyline, at their website below.