Storyline NOR: a new player in the North

Posted in Featured on Mar 18, 2016

Newly instated Storyline NOR CEO, Tom Vidar Karlsen, has begun his dream job.

The newly established joint venture of Storyline and News on Request, Storyline NOR, is in full swing. We catch up with Storyline NOR´s CEO, Tom Vidar Karlsen, about his position, what he is doing to make the company successful, and what we can expect from Storyline NOR in the future.

This is my dream job. To be able to be involved in building a film industry in the North along with so many talented people, is so exciting that I look forward to go to work every day. It's thrilling to be involved in starting a new company with such dedicated owners.

Despite being funded by very seasoned production companies, in many ways Storyline NOR is a startup, and deals with many of the same challenges. Their very activity in production and engaging with stakeholders is what is stimulating their establishment. They have begun planning and filming several projects that revolve around Norway´s northern territories, and are on the lookout for interesting collaborators.

We are just at the beginning, but at the same time, we know what we want. We have several projects underway, including "Slavemerket" (Mark of the Slave) which deals with the workers' struggle for justice in the mining town of Sulitjelma up towards 1907, and the TV-series "Battles of Narvik" which is under development. In addition, we also have other projects that are very interesting- but that are in the initial phase- so it's too early to reveal them just yet. You should keep some cards close to your chest!

In addition to realizing our own projects, we want to be co-producers along with other Nordic and foreign producers. This has been especially highlighted within the new incentive scheme which came into force on 01.01.2016.

IMG_3302.JPG Location scouting: Karlsen inspecting the mines of Sulitjelma.

Storyline NOR´s ambitious debut titles, “Mark of the Slave” and “Battles of Narvik,” have been chosen due to their pivotal roles both in Norwegian- and world history.

Both projects say something about who we are. “Mark of the Slave” is the story of the start of the Nordic working model. As workers and employers solve problems together, they gradually acquired an efficient model for working life, which we all benefit from today. “Battles of Narvik” is a project I am also passionate about. It was in Narvik that Hitler experienced his first defeat, and the fighting that went on for two months was significant for the development of the war. 32,000 soldiers from five countries were involved, 8,500 of which never came home again. It says everything about the dimensions.

“Mark of the Slave” is scheduled for production in the beginning of 2017, while “Battles of Narvik” is under development and we are now in the process of working on the script.

With titles like these, Storyline NOR are well on their way to becoming more visible- and hopefully a household name. Their main goal is to become a major player in the North for film productions, and are looking to collaborate both with Norwegian and foreign partners.

It is our hope that Storyline NOR AS will be the go-to company for major productions in the North, a company that is essential to collaborate with for both Norwegian and foreign producers, and the company that presents the important stories from northern Norway. We are on the lookout for exciting projects with stories that mean something to people.

The status is that we are in the development phase now. We are looking for another producer who has professional experience with film and a good eye for finances, in addition to linking with collaborators.

Keep a lookout for Storyline NOR in the near future, as they are promising interesting content to come.