Awarded contract with Innovation Norway

Posted in News on Jun 30, 2014

Our company is awarded an exclusive frame agreement with Innovation Norway within film production in Norway and global branch offices.

We are joyed to announce that, after a tough competition, News On Request won a prestigious agreement wherein we will be the complete supplier of film services for Innovation Norway for the next two years, with the possibility of extension of up to another two years.

For us, this agreement is a milestone.

  • Trond Eide, CEO of News on Request

We at Innovation Norway look forward to working with News on Request. They are a great supplier of film and video services, and we hope they can challenge us on how we can communicate with our key audiences.

  • Vincent Wego Fleischer, Vice President for Strategy and Communications at Innovation Norway

Innovation Norway is a company owned by the Norwegian Government, and is a national development bank for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry. They support companies in developing their competitive advantage and to enhance innovation.

Their goal is to promote nationwide industrial development with focus on both the business economy and Norway's national economy.

News On Request is proud to have been allowed to take part in this mission in the coming years.