Heavy lifts in Korea

Posted on Apr 28, 2016

Four mega blocks are lifted onto the Aasta Hansteen Substructure, under construction in Korea.

As a contractor Statoil´s development project Aasta Hansteen, we are operating remotely operated cameras at one of the world´s largest shipyards, Hyundai Heavy Industries.

Statoil has recently launched a 3-minute video showing the four mega blocks being lifted on to the enormous Spar-shaped hull under construction in the dry-dock. The visual content is provided by News On Request. We have also co-ordinated the aerial shots, by using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or drones to cover it from spectacular angle of views.

Huyndai Heavy Industries is using its one-of-a-kind heavy lifting vessel, the HD-10000, performing the lifts. The vessel has a 8.000 tons lifting capacity per module. The vessel is equipped with 8 double truss jib cranes.